horizonte verde


Our team of trainers are highly experienced and qualified professionals of the hospitality and tourism industry.

The human resources, especially training and development, are not a cost but a strategic investment. The Human Resource Management include those action plans that involve directly the relationship between the company and its employees. In Horizonte Verde we develop de job desriptions to assist the Human Resource Department in achieving the following goals:

Profile analysis of the existing human workforce and propose replacements and retentions.

  • Implementation of quality standards.
  • Staff selection.
  • Assistance in contract negotiation.
  • Develop and empower the professional capacities of the employees.
  • Stimulate and achieve excellent personal relationships.
  • Work on the personal development of each employee according to the job.
  • Influence on the performance improvement of all the employees.
  • Create and maintain a high motivation level.
  • Motivate, recognize and stimulate employees.
  • Place the right persons in the right positions according to their skills.
  • Introduce new employees in the company according to their skills and knowledge and offering them the necessary training